Nazi Alien Pilots from the Moon Must Look Like This

I thought the F-35 helmet looked scary. Then I saw this carbon fiber insectoid helmet, and I thought about Nazi UFO pilots coming to invade us from the Moon. » 10/25/10 7:25pm 10/25/10 7:25pm

BMW S.X Concept: A Worthy 6-Series Replacement?

This premium sports coupe concept designed by Scuola Politecnica di Design graduate Iulian Bumbo, dubbed BMW S.X, shows a lot of promise in its taut, almost DB9-esque proportions. Seems like the perfect 6-Series replacement to us. » 7/16/09 2:00pm 7/16/09 2:00pm

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8: Exclusive First Look!

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee debuted last week, but we've got a first look at the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. The real exciting news? We're told it'll get the 500 HP+ 6.4-liter crate HEMI. » 4/13/09 12:01am 4/13/09 12:01am

2010 Opel Astra, GTC Get Much-Needed Facelift

The Astra hasn't sold well in the States, but that doesn't mean that its Euro-trash cousin can't make a comeback tour. Take a peak at the handsomely-designed 2010 Opel Astra and its agro-counterpart, the GTC. » 4/09/09 4:00pm 4/09/09 4:00pm

2011 Opel Zafira Sketch Revealed, Chevy Version Possible

The 3rd generation Opel Zafira MPV has slipped out of GM's European design studio with this Opel Ampera-inspired sketch. With Saturn all but dead, is there any chance we'll ever see this here? » 4/09/09 1:00pm 4/09/09 1:00pm

2010 Kia Sorento Sketches Revealed

Check out these official 2010 Kia Sorento sketches. Fascinating? Yeah, we're not overly impressed either. Not about the car per se, but teaser sketches in general. » 2/25/09 8:00am 2/25/09 8:00am

Yoshihiro Inomoto's Amazing Car Cutaways

Cutaways. We've always loved them, but never understood how they're made or what incredibly anal person created them. Here's the answer: Yoshihiro Inomoto, and he's been mastering these cartistic marvels for 40 years. » 2/13/09 11:00am 2/13/09 11:00am

Born in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan on April 29th, 1932, was destined to create at a very…

Dodge Viper Reimagined For 1967

Rafael Reston has penned a Dodge Viper circa 1967 and the result is quite stunning, reminding us of a Dodge that never was and may never be again. » 2/10/09 3:00pm 2/10/09 3:00pm

2010 BMW 5-Series, Rendered And Speculated

The skilled Photoshoppers at eGMCarTech have used their airbrush and clone stamp to render what they think the 2010 BMW 5-Series will look like when it debuts sometime next year. The design clearly departs from the 2008 5-Series at the nose, picking up some cues from the BMW CS Concept, or maybe that's just us. We… » 1/30/08 1:15pm 1/30/08 1:15pm