Pension Board Blinks As GM Seeks $500 Million For RenCen Refinance

Though no formal up or down vote has been called, General Motors may be out of luck getting the $500 million in local refinancing »10/10/08 10:40am10/10/08 10:40am for its Renaissance Center world headquarters we reported on Tuesday. The now says members of Detroit's city pension board and Police & Firefighter's Fund board think GM's refi request is…

GM Attempting To Refinance HQ, Threatening To Sell Renaissance Center?

The Detroit News »10/07/08 5:00pm10/07/08 5:00pm reports that General Motors is attempting to borrow $500 million from one or both of Detroit's pension funds to refinance its corporate headquarters. GM is saying it may have to sell the complex if a refinancing deal isn't reached, despite the fact the company just took full ownership of the facility…

The RenCen As Phallacious Prophecy: Building General Motors' World Headquarters

The General's world headquarters, the Renaissance Center, is a phallic protuberance at the tip of the city of Detroit — a way for the city, home to the world's biggest automaker, to show the rest of the world that they're still the big swingin' dick of the industry, despite the blight and urban decay surrounding it… »10/09/06 9:13am10/09/06 9:13am

Rick And Carlos Have Dinner; General Motors, Renault-Nissan Arrange 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Rick and Carlos had dinner last night in Metro Detroit — and although folks may not know where, we do know they've now moved from an agreement to sit down and talk about an "alliance" — to an agreement to discuss for 90 days an "alliance." But for us anyway, the question of "where" they ate is much more interesting —… »7/15/06 11:00am7/15/06 11:00am