Renault Sand'up Concept Drops Top, Transforms Into Brazilian Beach Buggy-chero

Appearing at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in Brazil, the Renault Sandero Sand'up concept is a drop-top beach buggy hiding a Sandamino surprise. The Sand'up can convert from a closed coupe body to a convertible pickup using an innovative modular design — just the thing for hauling Rosewood out of the rain forest to burn at… »10/28/08 11:00am10/28/08 11:00am


Renault Ondelios Concept Opens Huge Gullwing Doors Live

Renault just unveiled the bird of prey-like Ondelios concept »10/02/08 7:30am10/02/08 7:30am at the . Like seemingly every other concept car ever made, it’s a luxury crossover vehicle that’s also green by way of a mysterious hybrid powertrain. No one cares about any of that though, because they’re just looking at the 's huge gullwing doors that…

Renault Ondelios Concept Sets Gullwing Doors Into Attack Mode Ahead Of Paris

Renault describes its new gullwing-door Ondelios Concept as an "environmentally friendly high-end crossover." The Ondelios is certainly high-end, with smart technologies to help drivers settle in at the wheel; for example, the included Samsung cell phone, which also acts as a hands-free door lock, recognizes the… »9/10/08 10:00am9/10/08 10:00am