Rich? Lazy? The Remote-Controlled Golf Caddie is For You

How do you know when you've given up on life? You consider buying an r/c caddie for carrying your golf bags. While it may be good for those who are too cheap to get a golf cart or too old to carry heavy objects, this thing is just five kinds of ridiculous. That being said, at $2,000 perhaps this isn't an unnecessary… »12/12/07 2:15pm12/12/07 2:15pm

Holiday Gift Guide: Hydrogen Power Kit for your R/C Car

We're hoping to appeal to both the weekend R/C racers and the alternafuel fans on the site with this choice. Horizon Fuel Cell technologies offers a hydrogen fuel cell power supply for your R/C car that incorporates on board hydrogen fuel canisters! Even better, the kit is designed to fit in the battery compartment… »12/04/07 1:45pm12/04/07 1:45pm

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Hoonage Now Available in RC Form

If you love Rock'em Sock'em Robots and R/C cars, we've got the product for you: Stock Cars. It may be a boring and non-descriptive name, but these awesome little remote-controlled cars come complete with four passengers connected to ejection buttons within the doors. The first person to eject all of their opponents… »11/12/07 2:30pm11/12/07 2:30pm