Sebastian Vettel's DJ Made A Go-Fast Mix Just For You

How much money does Red Bull have? They travel with their own DJ who makes custom playlists for the drivers and team for every race. He's EROK and he's made a list just for you, Jalopnik reader, for when you need to get pumped before a big race. It's just part of the secret sauce that makes Red Bull Racing so damn… » 3/28/13 12:00pm 3/28/13 12:00pm

Honda's Entry Hybrid a Go for 2009

So sayeth Automotive News: Honda's UK boss confirmed the company is launching a new entry-hybrid in mid-2009. The new sportster will be priced below the Civic and take its cues from the Remix concept shown at the LA auto show last year, not the Small Hybrid Sports Concept That Looks Like a Porsche 959 Carved Out of… » 5/14/07 2:38pm 5/14/07 2:38pm

LA Auto Show: SUPER MICRO EXTERIOR PACKAGE! Honda Debuts Concepts

You know the LA Auto Show has arrived when Honda decides to unveil not one, but two world premieres. And it only took 'em 100-years. The city of angels, not Honda, who as we know is highly efficient. No one from Honda would go on record, but we suspect both the Remix and Shoebox Step Bus concepts were designed and… » 11/29/06 5:10pm 11/29/06 5:10pm