German Catholics Called Upon to Give Up Cars for Lent

Back when we were a collegiate Jalopnik at a Catholic liberal arts school in the East Bay, Ash Wednesday was marked by a number of our friends by getting together to watch the Evil Dead movies. We could never figure out anything to give up for Lent, generally as we were celibate (not by our own choice) didn't eat… »2/23/07 12:45pm2/23/07 12:45pm

Savior Survivor: VW Ups The Ante In The Fight To Provide The Pope's New Whip

Yes, either the Pope didn't like the XC90 that Volvo sent over back in June, or the boys n' girls at Volkswagen are seriously worried over whether or not they'll be reaching the pearly gates. Maybe that's why the German automaker's giving his excellency a brand spankin' new 450 hp Phaeton. We're hoping, for Pope… »10/20/06 11:42am10/20/06 11:42am