Watch Bullitt At The Redford Theatre Tomorrow Night

Look at what the Redford Theatre has done, they've gone and put "Bullitt" front and center on the marquee. Guess that means tomorrow we should go out and see it. Yes indeed folks, after you picked out the date and we shot off the announcement, this is the last reminder you'll get to start showing up at the Redford… » 3/14/08 5:45pm 3/14/08 5:45pm

Watch Bullitt With Us On Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Apparently some of you like seeing cool old movies in cool old movie theaters because when we posed the possibility of seeing Bullitt at the Redford Theater, 131 of you gave us a hell yeah and 42 said maybe. Now, the Redford Theater is a pretty big place, and it's a fair bet the old timer will be able to hold ya'll,… » 3/07/08 6:15pm 3/07/08 6:15pm