Peoples Republic Of Los Angeles Doubles Rolling-Right Fine, Tickets Via Camera

Across the greater Los Angeles area, rolling right-hand turns — failing to come to a complete stop when turning right at a red light — will now be recorded using traffic cameras. As many as 32 camera-equipped intersections across the city will be ready to automatically dole out a $381 unrepresented tax » 8/18/08 1:20pm 8/18/08 1:20pm for the…

Run Light, Get Impounded: UAE Camera-Seizure Law

Dubai cops have a new weapon against scofflaws: If you're busted for red-light running by a camera, you not only pay a fine, but lose your car for a week (the Arabian tow yards must be pooping themselves with glee). Do it again? Lose it for two weeks. And on the third offense? You guessed it, three weeks in the… » 9/06/06 2:30pm 9/06/06 2:30pm