NASCAR Vs. Rabbit Is The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Year

Yesterday, you may have seen a rabbit on the loose during NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice. In case you missed it, Fox Sports released the hilarious broadcast clip from the bunny delay. If there’s anything you should’ve learned from Monty Python, it’s that rabbits should never be taken lightly.
»8/20/15 12:44pm8/20/15 12:44pm

Watch Aircraft Paint The Night Sky In This Time Lapse Video From Red Flag

Red Flag is an exercise held in three to four cycles each year which aims to provide realistic combat simulations for American and allied air crews. Half of those simulations come at night, and when the combat jets soar through the air, the resulting timelapse video, like this one posted at The Aviationist, or this… »8/17/15 1:02pm8/17/15 1:02pm

Why Are Jordanian F-16s Suckling Gas From Israeli Tankers On Way To U.S.? 

Foxtrot Alpha’s contacts in Europe have noticed some interesting movements heading west out of the Middle East. Apparently, five Israeli Air Force F-15C/Ds and five F-15Is, along with five Jordanian Air Fore F-16s, have been dragged across the Mediterranean to Lajes Field by Israeli Air Force KC-707 Tankers. The jets… »8/13/15 2:31pm8/13/15 2:31pm

These Are The Amazing Planes Of This Year's Red Flag Aerial War Games

The first two Red Flag aerial war games of the year have come to a close. Both saw US air combat units combine with allied ones from around the globe to work as a team to take on the staunch defenses laid out across the vast Nellis Range Complex, including enemy SAM sites and F-16s and F-15s masquerading as enemy… »3/20/15 6:30pm3/20/15 6:30pm