What It Feels Like To Do A Barrel Roll

Red Bull Air Race World Champion Kirby Chambliss is at his best when he's flipping his stunt plane around at high speeds, enduring the kind of gravitational forces that turn stomachs inside out. I've always wanted to "do a barrel roll," but I wasn't sure I could do so without splattering the cockpit with vomit. » 10/07/14 2:52pm 10/07/14 2:52pm

How We're Going To Beat Sebastian Vettel, For America

Infiniti Red Bull Driver Sebastian Vettel became the youngest F1 Champion of all time, which he followed up by becoming the youngest double, triple and quadruple F1 World Champion of all time. It doesn't matter, we've been given the chance to best him at one of the world's best race tracks. Here's how we do it. » 7/03/14 1:20pm 7/03/14 1:20pm

Watch Maniacs Race Tandem-Tractor Rally Carts Around A Wild Dirt Track

Apparently insane tandem rally cart races have been going down for 26 years in Betxi, Spain. This year Red Bull took it upon themselves to sponsor the event, and 50 teams brought their own sketchy lawnmower-powered off-road contraption to pit against the others and a hell of a hairy track. » 5/14/14 3:51pm 5/14/14 3:51pm

Why Daniel Ricciardo Was Disqualified From The Australian Grand Prix

By now you should've watched the Australian Grand Prix, or at least you had to, because NBC's only replay of it was at 6 AM, for some reason. Spoiler alert: Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo came in second, and then was disqualified hours later. But the reason is a bit technical, and not so easy. Here's your explainer. » 3/16/14 11:29am 3/16/14 11:29am