East Bay Volvo Stereotypes Confirmed By Junkyard Visit

As we saw a while back, the onslaught of the all-conquering Toyota Prius has been booting hundreds of once-cherished East Bay Volvo 240s into the local wrecking yards. In some ways it's a shame for such well-built machines to be cast aside like that, but it's a boon to those of us who want to build race cars out of… » 2/27/08 2:00pm 2/27/08 2:00pm

Chinese Roads To Be Resurfaced With Unsold Robbie Williams CD's

There may be no second acts in American lives, but crappy British pop music is now getting a second life in China. Robbie Williams' dancepop album Rudebox wasn't quite what you'd call a hit, leaving about a million copies sitting in an EMI warehouse. The solution? The company crushed the CD's and is sending the… » 1/31/08 12:15pm 1/31/08 12:15pm

Top Secret Project Inside Ford Launched to Build Recyclable Vehicles

We're still waiting for Ford to announce massive layoffs and plant closures this morning, but in the time-honored PR tradition of chasing bad news with good, The Detroit News profiles a project within Ford the company hopes will make it more competitive with Toyota and other, er, competitors. The "Piquette Project"… » 1/23/06 7:13am 1/23/06 7:13am