Meet The Guys Who Drove Across The U.S. In A Record 65 Hours (In 1931)

Ed Bolian may have been able to cross the country in just 28 hours and 50 minutes in a modified Mercedes CL55 AMG and modern highways, but in 1931, things were a lot more difficult. Here's the story, courtesy of The Plymouth Bulletin, of the men who did it first, one of whom was Earl Pribek, uncle to John Z. DeLorean.… » 1/08/14 1:20pm 1/08/14 1:20pm

Watch Ed Bolian Explain The Cannonball Run To Hoda And Kathie Lee

Our exclusive story on Ed Bolian's cross-country record attracted a little attention last week, culminating with the record-breaking southerner going on "The Today Show" with his wife to try and explain the Cannonball Run to Hoda And Kathie Lee. » 11/04/13 1:20pm 11/04/13 1:20pm

New cross-country record? Forget the glamor, bring the bedpans.

If you read about Ed Bolian's record setting-run and thought it was glorious, Jack Baruth wants you to think again: "For twenty-eight hours they endangered women, children, truck drivers, and various roadside animal life in a rolling bomb that probably smelled like an unmaintained gas-station bathroom." » 11/01/13 12:56pm 11/01/13 12:56pm

Meet The Guy Who Drove Across The U.S. In A Record 28 Hours 50 Minutes

He's a tall, lanky Southerner with a penchant for cars, and, of all things, lizards. He teaches Sunday school with his wife. Ed Bolian is the kind of guy you might meet on an airplane and forget before you picked up your bags – with one exception: he claims he's the fastest man ever to drive across the United States. » 10/30/13 10:21am 10/30/13 10:21am

NYPD Arrest Manhattan Speeder Christopher Adam Tang aka Afroduck

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly declared war on Afroduck, the driver who claims to have done a very illegal 24:07 record lap of Manhattan. Now we're hearing from a source that the NYPD arrested him moments ago. UPDATE: Confirmed. Driver ID'd. » 9/05/13 9:36pm 9/05/13 9:36pm

Everything You Need To Know About AfroDuck's Fastest Manhattan Lap

The story of the fastest lap around Manhattan by Afroduck has gone viral. Here's everything you need to know: Here's the lap; Here's the NYPD's response to Afroduck ; here's how long it should take ; and here's the previous record. » 9/05/13 7:30am 9/05/13 7:30am

How Long Does It Really Take To Drive Around Manhattan?

The NYPD is up in arms over an anonymous driver by the name of Afroduck claiming to have lapped Manhattan in a record-breaking and very illegal 24 minutes. How long would it take a sane human being to do the same drive? » 9/04/13 4:21pm 9/04/13 4:21pm

Driver Claims New Record For Fastest Lap Around Manhattan

The first illegal, dangerous, record lap of Manhattan we know of was Alex Roy's 27 minute run in 2001. In 2010, a group called CBC broke that with 26:03. Now a new driver claims 24:07. But what exactly is a lap of Manhattan, and how do you set the record? UPDATE: We have spoken with the driver. » 8/29/13 10:07am 8/29/13 10:07am

Driver sets new record for fastest lap around Manhattan

UPDATE! When illicit speed racer Alex Roy circled the Island of Manhattan in 2001 he set the known record for fastest time at 27 minutes while reaching speeds of 144 mph over the 24.48 mile distance. For legal reasons, he never released the tape. A new driver's now done it in 26:03. Here's the video. » 6/29/11 12:55pm 6/29/11 12:55pm