Breaking The Cross-Country Motorcycle Record Is Nuts, But Here's How This Guy Did It

Transcontinental speed runs mean glory for some, but I think they’re terrible ideas. They’re dangerous and expensive, and that’s before factoring in possible trouble with the law. That’s when they’re done with four wheels—to do one on two is ludicrous. But Carl Reese, no stranger to transcontinental records in his…


Alex Roy And Two Members Of The Tesla Record Team Just Broke That Coast-To-Coast Record With Autopilot

You may remember Carl Reese and Deena Mastracci, two members of the team who drove from Los Angeles to New York in a record 58 hours and 54 minutes in April. You may also have heard of Alex Roy, no stranger to records himself and someone who’s been very interested in autonomous driving lately. Those worlds just…

Ed Bolian Chats About Driving From NY To LA Faster Than Anyone Else 

Driving across the country at triple digit speeds safely - regardless of legality or any questionable moral implications - requires a fair bit of planning. Ed Bolian, the current holder of the transcontinental speed record, delves into the details of blitzing the country in less than 29 hours, in his own words.