GM admits it maybe forgot to put brake pads on your Chevy Sonic

If you purchased a 2012 Chevy Sonic you might want to check and see if the car's brake pads are all there as GM now admits they may have shipped as many as 4,296 of them without them. Also, they're not notifying anyone until mid-January. Happy New Year! » 12/30/11 12:00pm 12/30/11 12:00pm

Volkswagen recalls 170,000 diesels for mysterious fuel defect

Volkswagen said today it would recall nearly 170,000 diesel-powered Golfs, Jettas and Audi A3 to fix a fuel line that could leak. What makes it more interesting is just how hard VW had to work to find the defect. » 10/06/11 2:30pm 10/06/11 2:30pm

Hyundai to fix wandering Sonatas after Jalopnik report

Two weeks ago we told you about a growing number of Hyundai Sonata owners who say their cars had a tendency to wander at highway speeds. Yesterday, Hyundai told us it has issued a service bulletin to fix those Sonatas. » 8/16/11 7:00am 8/16/11 7:00am

Porsche recalling 1,702 cars over loose wheels

All those Porsche owners trying to drive the wheels off of certain 2010/2011 model year 911s better watch out. According to a recent Porsche recall that's a real possibility for about 1,702 of them. » 6/16/11 12:15pm 6/16/11 12:15pm

Toyota recalling 51,000 Tundras for drive shaft inspection

Toyota says it needs a look-see at 51,000 Tundra pickups from the 2011 model year to check a drive shaft part that could break. Yesterday's recall was for 307,000 SUVs with faulty air bag sensors. Tomorrow? » 4/26/11 1:15pm 4/26/11 1:15pm

Vietnamese whistleblower forces Toyota to recall 65,703 vans

Toyota's Vietnam arm had to recall 65,703 vans for bad brakes after a factory whistleblower came forward saying Toyota officials ignored the problem for years. Akio Toyoda really does have his hands full. » 4/25/11 11:15am 4/25/11 11:15am

Faulty Chinese-built transmissions plague new Ford Mustang

The 2011 Ford Mustang debuted last year to glowing reviews, strong sales and swaddled in American pride. But over the past several months, hundreds of owners have complained of broken Chinese-built manual transmissions — a problem Ford has yet to rectify. » 4/15/11 12:45pm 4/15/11 12:45pm

The broken steering wheel viral video that sparked a recall

The owner of a 2011 Chevy Cruze that had its steering wheel fall off while driving at 65 mph posted this video to prove his point. It's a case study in how one person can sway a giant corporation. » 4/12/11 11:00am 4/12/11 11:00am

GM recalls 2,100 Chevy Cruzes for broken steering wheels

Seems a steering wheel plumb fell off a Chevrolet Cruze during a test, so General Motors will recall 2,100 of them to give a certain bolt one more righty-tighty. » 4/08/11 3:15pm 4/08/11 3:15pm

Mercedes recalling SUVs for cruise control that won't stop cruising

Mercedes says it has to recall 136,751 M-Class SUVs in the United States for cruise controls that will not shut off when the brakes are engaged. » 4/05/11 4:15pm 4/05/11 4:15pm

Hyundai recalling 95K Elantras over faulty airbag sensors

The recall bug's biting Hyundai today, causing them to recall 95,783 2007-2008MY Elantras over a faulty airbag sensor. Part of the service involves apologizing to owners when they see how much better the new Elantra is. » 3/18/11 10:45am 3/18/11 10:45am

PETA asks Mazda6 owners to donate spider-infested cars

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an Internet marketing group with a sideline in preventing animal cruelty, says Mazda6 owners suffering from spider infestations can donate their vehicles to the group, and the spiders will be humanely removed. » 3/07/11 3:00pm 3/07/11 3:00pm

Mazda recalls Mazda6 over spider threat to fuel system

Mazda has to recall 52,000 Mazda6 sedans because spiders like to nest in its fuel system. Spider-car, spider-car, does whatever a spider-car does... » 3/03/11 12:30pm 3/03/11 12:30pm

Toyota recalls two million more vehicles for trapped gas pedals

Toyota must recall an additional 2.17 million vehicles to fix gas pedals that could become trapped. The price of good press from mommy bloggers just went up. » 2/24/11 9:30am 2/24/11 9:30am

Ford Recalls 2011 F-Series After Two Fires

Continuing its proud history of vehicle fires, Ford is recalling the 2011 F-Series and the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX crossover after two 2011 Ford F-150s caught fire at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Built Ford flammable? [ and @DavidShepardson] » 12/30/10 12:00pm 12/30/10 12:00pm

How 2010 Changed The Future Of Cars, Forever

From new technology to social change, the events of the past 12 months will impact cars and transportation for years to come. Here's ten ways we predict 2010 changed the future of what you'll drive. » 12/28/10 12:30pm 12/28/10 12:30pm

GM Recalls Almost 100,000 Vehicles Over Airbags, Rear Axles

GM is recalling 96,000 2005-2007 Cadillac CTS models over airbag issues and 1,300 2011 Escalade, Avalanche, Silverado and Sierras over axle lock issues. [ABCNews] » 12/23/10 9:45am 12/23/10 9:45am

Ford Slow To Respond To Fatal Windstar Defect, Gets Brian Ross'd

Last night, Ford received the full Brian Ross Investigative treatment in a segment over the company's tardy recall of 600,000 Windstar minivans. To summarize the tone: "This will be the first Christmas for Sean Bowman's family without dad." » 12/22/10 10:30am 12/22/10 10:30am

Toyota's 2010 Recallathon

For Toyota, 2010 was a year that'll live in infamy. The year'a biggest car story was the automaker issuing safety fixes for every Toyota-brand model car and truck sold in the United States. Here's the damage in one easy-to-see graphic. » 12/20/10 2:00pm 12/20/10 2:00pm