Tesla To Voluntarily Recall Every Model S Because One Seat Belt Came Apart

Tesla Motors announced this morning it is issuing a voluntary recall for every Model S ever made to inspect the front seat belts after a customer’s seat belt came apart. No one was hurt or injured, but the automaker is still asking customers to bring their cars in to check out a bolt in the seat belt assembly. »11/20/15 12:05pm11/20/15 12:05pm

Takata Just Got Slapped With The Largest Civil Penalty In NHTSA History, Up To $200 Million

Thanks to its practice of making exploding airbags that had a habit of filling vehicle occupants with shrapnel, Takata was forced to recall 34 million airbags in the largest product recall ever. And now it just received the largest civil penalty in NHTSA history to match it, with a fine of up to $200 million. »11/03/15 3:07pm11/03/15 3:07pm

Feds Say Fiat Chrysler 'Significantly' Under-Reported Deaths And Injuries In Their Cars

Fiat Chrysler has had a rough go in the safety department lately, or at least in how they’ve clashed with America’s safety regulators. Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced Fiat Chrysler had a “significant” under-reporting of deaths and injuries in their cars, as required by law. »9/29/15 2:39pm9/29/15 2:39pm

GM Agrees To Potential Settlement With 1,380 Ignition Switch Victims [UPDATE]

The official death toll from GM’s faulty ignition switches that it knew about but failed to recall stands at 124, with many more injured. News came out last night that GM would settle with the government for $900 million in the criminal case, but it also just agreed to settle for a further $575 million in the civil… »9/17/15 12:03pm9/17/15 12:03pm

Fiat Chrysler Waited 18 Months To Tell Feds About Hacking Flaw 

After a team of white hat hackers exploited a vulnerability through a Jeep Cherokee’s UConnect system that allowed them to remotely seize control of the car, Fiat Chrysler announced a 1.4-million vehicle recall and a vow to fix the problem. That’s good, seeing as how they knew about the problem for 18 months before… »8/05/15 5:28pm8/05/15 5:28pm