GM Knew Of Its Other Ignition Switch Problem For 10 Years

At the end of June, General Motors recalled 6.73 million cars for ignition switch problems. No, not the Cobalts and Ions; different cars, primarily midsize sedans like the Oldsmobile Alero and Pontiac Grand Prix. And last night, the automaker disclosed it has known about those ignition problems since 2003. » 7/19/14 4:00pm Saturday 4:00pm

GM Will Pay All Ignition Switch Claims Out Of Its Own Pocket

We've been fairly hard on GM about everything concerning their recall that killed at least 13 people, but hey, the company made cars that were directly responsible for the deaths of at least 13 people. But they have made some good moves, and now they're adding their settlement structure to that list. » 7/09/14 4:06pm 7/09/14 4:06pm

GM Finally Found Some Vehicles It Refuses To Recall

GM has recalled basically every single car it has ever made over the past six months, going all the way back to its founding as the General Officers Corps of the Papal States Cymbal Works in 1542. That's 54 recalls totaling 25.7 million vehicles, for those keeping score. Except for these, which can encounter… » 7/08/14 5:38pm 7/08/14 5:38pm

Is My Car Recalled? Our Massive Chart Shows Every GM Recall This Year

As we've been reporting on all these GM recalls, we realized that how difficult it is to really picture the sheer volume of what's going on. So far, there hasn't really been one good comprehensive place to see all the recalls at once, to get a feel of just how massive this whole thing is and explain what is recalled… » 7/02/14 3:18pm 7/02/14 3:18pm

Consumer Groups Petition FTC to Investigate CarMax

CarMax might just be our favorite dealership for shopping out-of-warranty and notoriously expensive European hardware. The dealership chain is known for their friendly no-hassle sales and excellent warranties. But not all is well in CarMax country...11 consumer groups are asking the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to… » 6/25/14 1:59pm 6/25/14 1:59pm