GM Offers Mind-Boggling $4,000 Incentive On Hybrid SUVs

After a massive 39.5% drop in full-size truck sales last month, the General has decided to follow Ford by upping the incentives on the off-roadin' people-haulers. But not only are they dropping more dollars on the hood of the basic one-powertrain models, they're dropping the same levels of cash on the new two-mode… » 6/10/08 10:20am 6/10/08 10:20am

GM to End Employee Discounts, But Slash Sticker Prices

August 1 will mark the end of GM's employee-discount marketing experiment, it having successfully spurred sales and depleted fat inventory stocks. But perhaps to prevent losing out on future sales on its upcoming models, GM announced a new pricing strategy, in which it will decrease sticker prices rather than offer… » 7/28/05 1:11pm 7/28/05 1:11pm