DS-400GB Integrates GPS, Bluetooth, Kitchen Sink Into Rear-view Mirror

The DS-400GB is a new solution to the problem of dash clutter—you know—when you have Bluetooth modules, navigation units, backup camera displays and more all over the dash. This device takes all of those goods and integrates it into the rear-view mirror. The right side of the rear-view mirror is sectioned off as the… » 3/26/08 11:20am 3/26/08 11:20am

Rear-View Mirror GPS Eliminates Gadget Clutter

Integrating a GPS navigation system in the rear-view mirror is an idea that will make any neat-freak happy. The MirrorPilot is the device that will eliminate unnecessary devices sitting on the dashboard or suctioned to the windshield. As a GPS receiver, it's pretty mediocre: limited traffic control, 2D and 3D maps,… » 2/20/08 11:00am 2/20/08 11:00am

Rear-View Mirror DVR Records Everything (Except The Rear)

Like the Honda Black Box Recorder we saw a couple days back, this rear-view mirror DVR is capable of continually recording footage for safety purposes. Or for jackass YouTube videos. Whichever comes first. It attaches to the windshield and plugs in via a 12V DC outlet. Check the jump to see some delicious hooning,… » 2/07/08 3:30pm 2/07/08 3:30pm