Millennials Will Live In Cities Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen Before

It’s actually hard to know what to believe about millennials, the Americans born after 1980 who make up the largest generation in history. Every week there’s a new ground-shattering revelation about their lifestyles—but the most conflicting reports have to do with where they live. » 7/16/15 3:37pm 7/16/15 3:37pm

GM Building Condos First, To Focus On Cars Later?

While that's a bit of a joke, it does look like the General's gone and decided to build some brand new condominiums on the Detroit River. They've announced this morning a working partnership with Hines, the international real estate firm, to develop six acres on the Detroit River just east of its Renaissance Center… » 6/21/07 7:45am 6/21/07 7:45am