Watch four Volkswagens pull down a giant chimney

Why use a wrecking ball, explosives, or an excavator to destroy a giant steel chimney when you can just hook it up to four Volkswagen Amarok pickup trucks and let them pull it down for you? SCIENCE. » 5/05/11 3:30pm 5/05/11 3:30pm

Examiner Abandons Student During Driver's Test

As if having to drive around town in a very worn Neon or Vauxhall with the words "STUDENT DRIVER" pasted on the windshield isn't bad enough, a student driver in Reading, England was left on the side of the road halfway through her driving test. It all started when the handbrake on the car failed while on a hill,… » 11/26/07 12:15pm 11/26/07 12:15pm