Dean Kamen Creates Hybrid Th!nk City Car With Stirling Engine

Okay, so the Segway »11/13/08 4:30pm11/13/08 4:30pm hasn't lit anyone's imagination on fire, but Dean Kamen's promises great things on the prosthetic front. Now his DEKA Revolt may be pointing to an interesting transportation option, a hybrid car with a Stirling engine.A Stirling engine works with any external energy source heating the controlled…


550 HP Russian E-Go Revolt Sports Car Looks Amazing

A newly-formed Russian coach builder named E-Go is apparently hard at work on their first offering, and the little Russki brand we've never heard of is aiming high. They're supposedly building themselves a sports car and naming it the E-Go Revolt. Precious little is known about the platform they're basing it off of… »10/22/08 11:20am10/22/08 11:20am