Using the Oculus Rift to Find Your Next Car

Going to a car dealership is notoriously fraught with anxiety. In addition to some guy in a plaid jacket trying to upsell you on hubcaps, you never know if they're going to have the exact car you're looking for, with the right options, in the right color. How do you know if it's what you want if you can't see it with… »6/27/14 3:50pm6/27/14 3:50pm


Fear not the factory-owned store Mr. Dealer

The topic of automotive franchise has been in the news lately as Tesla pushes into more states seeking permission to operate factory-owned stores. I decided to browse through a few books to see what history had to say on the topic of the automotive franchise. Below is a brief summary of some of the information I… »5/01/13 3:17pm5/01/13 3:17pm