"New Car Smell" Less Toxic, But The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Smells Funny For A Reason

A group that keeps tabs on toxic car chemicals has released a study showing that new cars are improving in terms of the amount of interior toxins they off-gas: What we euphemistically call "new car smell." General Motors, Mazda and Nissan showed the greatest improvements over the inaugural year of the survey,… » 7/29/08 5:20pm 7/29/08 5:20pm

Acura Didn't Want To Let Us Touch It, But We Did Anyway: First-Hand Look At The New 2007 RDX

Although our invitation to the big Honda / Acura shindig this week never did arrive (what's up with the lack of love for the Jalopnik, baby? ) — fear not, we were still able to get you a first-hand look at Acura's new hotness, the 2007 RDX — via the folks over at Acura of Troy. They held an owner ride-test event and… » 8/23/06 10:30am 8/23/06 10:30am

Rejoice, Young Urbanites: Acura RDX Pricing Announced

Acura's new small, turbocharged SUV for the young and on-the-go, the 2007 RDX, will be priced in the the low $30,000 range — the sweet spot for aspiring ad lions and the ladies who do their taxes. The MSRP will be $32,995, with an optional technology package pushing it to $36,495, not including $615 shipping and… » 7/13/06 8:42am 7/13/06 8:42am

Dan Neil Likes the Acura RDX, He Really Likes It

Dan Neil's back. Right, he never left physically, but if we're being honest (and we pretty much are), we'd been detecting a slight leak from his characteristic wit of late. If his Muse had left the building, she was only out for lattes (or a Double-Double with extra avocado). Neil's prosiness is back, and it's… » 7/05/06 12:33pm 7/05/06 12:33pm