"New Car Smell" Less Toxic, But The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Smells Funny For A Reason

A group that keeps tabs on toxic car chemicals has released a study showing that new cars are improving in terms of the amount of interior toxins they off-gas: What we euphemistically call "new car smell." General Motors, Mazda and Nissan showed the greatest improvements over the inaugural year of the survey,… »7/29/08 5:20pm7/29/08 5:20pm

Acura Didn't Want To Let Us Touch It, But We Did Anyway: First-Hand Look At The New 2007 RDX

Although our invitation to the big Honda / Acura shindig this week never did arrive (what's up with the lack of love for the Jalopnik, baby? ) — fear not, we were still able to get you a first-hand look at Acura's new hotness, the 2007 RDX — via the folks over at Acura of Troy. They held an owner ride-test event and… »8/23/06 10:30am8/23/06 10:30am