Watch A 900 Horsepower Miata Dodge The Walls At 140 MPH

This 9-second RB26-powered Miata overheated on the Sacramento drag strip, spilling coolant onto the rear tire and spinning out in the middle of a pass. Somehow, the driver saved it from wrecking on the narrow barriers. » 7/24/12 1:00pm 7/24/12 1:00pm

Taking A Spin In A JDM Nissan Skyline

The new Nissan GT-R may be stirring up a lot of hype, but before the R35, Skyline lovers on this continent had to have their cars independently imported. The problem is, since the gray-market heyday of the '80s, the American import laws have been pretty dang strict. So, we decided to make our way up to Toronto, to… » 5/09/08 12:30pm 5/09/08 12:30pm