Ratchet, Ironhide Spotted; Transformers 2 Filming In Arizona?

Today's daily Transformers 2 update comes with more spotted Autobots and rumors of a filming location. Photographed in the Culver City, Calif. is this truck loaded up with Ironhide and Ratchet. This is the third Transformer spotting we've seen over the past week. Last Friday we saw twin Barricades, yesterday we caught… »4/03/08 4:30pm4/03/08 4:30pm


Transformers Movie Update: We Have An Exclusive Robogasm With Ironhide, Bumblebee, Jazz And Ratchet

The General took four robots in disguise to the GM Riverwalk this afternoon to show them off in all their vehicular glory and gave us the exclusive look at all of them — before they're sent out west to californicate with the stars at the premiere. Although we weren't allowed to drive or even touch the GMC TopKick… »6/22/07 4:55pm6/22/07 4:55pm

Transformers Toys For Tots: Ratchet's A Whore Of A Hummer

One of the biggest reasons for the General to be involved in this upcoming summer's blockbuster movie about the cars that disguise themselves as robots (yes, we know it's "robots in disguise" but maybe we're projecting our allegiances here) is the merchandising. The folks in the RenCen's phallic towers of power are… »1/15/07 10:01am1/15/07 10:01am

Exclusive Transformers Update: Close-Ups Of A Hummer Named Ratchet, Ironhide's Still A TopKick

Yes, that's Ratchet. He's now yellow and he's a transmogrified Hummer. Will the horrors never end? Maybe — because although we brought you the news first Autobot Ironhide's alt-form would be a GMC TopKick, we've now got a non-camera phone pic to prove it — and he looks pretty damn good with those tall pipes and the… »9/12/06 12:52pm9/12/06 12:52pm

Exclusive Transformers Update: On-Set Footage Of Jazz And Ratchet, And A Porsche Cayenne Camera Mount?

Looks like we got to find out what kind of sweetness the Pontiac Solstice could have been if it had a hard-top, and a huge-ass Superbird-like spoiler on the ass — that's right, it'd be the alt-form of Autobot super-stud and former Porsche 935 Turbo, Jazz. And with him on film, the boys at TMZ.com have picked up film… »9/03/06 6:32pm9/03/06 6:32pm

Exclusive Transformers Movie Pictures: Teletran-1 Needs To Explore For Ratchet, Bumblebee And Brawl!

The way the story of the Generation 1 Transformers goes — way back in episode numero uno — the Autobots went-a-searchin' for some energy ito beat the evil Decepticons. After the Autobot's ship, the Ark, was attacked by the Decepticons — it crash landed on Earth where it was buried under a dormant volcano for a few… »8/26/06 3:02pm8/26/06 3:02pm

EXCLUSIVE TRANSFORMER PICS: Ratchet And A Tease Of An Optimus Prime Leg Send Fanboys Into Fetal Position

What happens when a YouTube video surfaces with a slide-show of three quick pics of Autobot leader Optimus Prime in truck form, what looks like a leg and potentially Ratchet in vehicle form? Each and every webmaster of each and every Transformer fan site on the web collectively loses control over their sphincter… »8/06/06 11:00pm8/06/06 11:00pm