Garage Fresh 1968 Shelby GT500 Proves Ultra Rare Project Cars Are Still Out There

Stories of ultra-rare muscle cars sitting in barns are truly the car person's equivalent of "the fish that got away". A few years, a hazy memory or just a desire for a good story have all too often put a Hemi under the hood of a dusty small block Barracuda or turned an average rot box Camaro into a ZL1. »5/19/12 12:30pm5/19/12 12:30pm

Know Thy Germans (Because We Don't): Mystery BMW Stumps Jalopnik

Our new favorite site, English Russia states emphatically, "In Russia you even nowadays can meet very rare BMWs." One of them is so rare we can't pin it down. BMW has been using the whole twin kidneys design shtick since the 315/1 Roadster launched in 1935. But the mystery car (above) looks more modern with its… »12/18/06 3:31pm12/18/06 3:31pm