Hawaii Air Guard F-22s Deploy To The Middle East As Tensions With Russia Build

A gaggle of F-22A Raptors belonging to the 199th Fighter Squadron, which is part of the 154th Wing of the Hawaiian Air National Guard, deployed to the Middle East yesterday. This comes as tensions are hot between the U.S. and Russia over Syria and as the F-22 seems to be in demand around the globe. »10/01/15 8:20pm10/01/15 8:20pm


Russian Fighter Jets Are In Syria, Air Force Boss Wants Raptor Base In Europe

It’s official, Russia has deployed tactical fixed-wing jets, supposedly Su-27s Flanker derivatives, along with attack helicopters, to Syria as part of its rapidly expanding outpost there. Meanwhile the chief of the U.S. Air Force in Europe wants a permanent F-22 presence in the region. »9/18/15 8:27pm9/18/15 8:27pm

F-22 Raptors Descend On Europe In Historic Deployment

Just days after Air Force Secretary Deborah James hinted at a looming inaugural F-22 deployment to Europe, four F-22A Raptors of the 95th Fighter Squadron out Tyndall AFB in Florida arrived over Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany. This marked the first operational deployment of F-22s to Europe in its decade-old… »8/29/15 9:16am8/29/15 9:16am

F-22 Raptors Will Be Deploying To Europe To Send A Strong Message To Russia

After teasing the possibility of Raptors deploying to Europe months ago, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has confirmed to reporters that Raptor is indeed going to be sent to Europe as part of an ongoing initiative to reassure NATO allies of America’s commitment to their defense.… »8/24/15 8:58pm8/24/15 8:58pm

Take A 360° Flight In A P-51 Mustang With An F-22 As Your Wingman

This awesome 360° video, shot from inside the Heritage Flight Museum’s P-51D Mustang “Val-Halla” being flown by Greg Anders, shows what flying a Heritage Flight alongside an F-22 looks like. The icons of American air power old and new were flying together last week for the Abbotsford International Air Show in Canada. »8/10/15 6:00pm8/10/15 6:00pm

Russia Warns Of Border Buildup As USAF Chief Says F-22 Are An Option

Russia has said it will greatly increase its fighting capability along its border with NATO countries — including the deployment of tactical ballistic missiles — if the U.S. follows through with its plan to store tanks, artillery and other equipment at forward staging areas in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic… »6/16/15 4:02pm6/16/15 4:02pm

Why It's Sad That The F-22 Just Fired Its First Guided AIM-9X Sidewinder

34 years ago, the USAF set out to build a fighter that could guarantee American air superiority for decades to come. $75B, 563 less aircraft than planned, and a decade after being declared operational later, the F-22 still doesn’t have what some MiG-21s have, a Helmet Mounted Sight and a missile to go with it.
»5/16/15 1:14pm5/16/15 1:14pm

These Incredible Photos Of The F-22 Raptor Will Leave You Stunned

Renowned photographer Blair Bunting has taken a turn toward aviation subjects recently, and we are very thankful for him doing so. He captured a Thunderbird F-16 in his uniquely dramatic style, and now he attacked the world’s only operational 5th generation super fighter, the F-22 Raptor, with outstanding results. »4/27/15 2:16pm4/27/15 2:16pm

F-22s From Hawaii Take Part In Experimental "Rapid Raptor" Exercise

Hawaii Air National Guard F-22A Raptors from the 154th Fighter Wing and C-17As and KC-135Rs from the 15th Wing, based at Hickam AFB on the island of Oahu, took part in an evolving rapid deployment concept, aptly named "Rapid Raptor." The exercise would see a handful of the world's most advanced fighters being deployed… »12/06/14 12:06pm12/06/14 12:06pm

The F-22 Raptor Bloodies Its Talons In First Attack Over Syria

The world's only operational 5th generation stealth fighter has waded into combat for the first time in its almost decade old career with the USAF. Ironically, an aircraft that was built to be the ultimate air-to-air fighter went to war for the first time slinging bombs. Regardless of its mission, the first combat use… »9/24/14 10:31am9/24/14 10:31am