Rafale And Typhoon Fighters Descend On U.S. For Inaugural Anti-Access Exercise 

The French Air Force and Royal Air Force have sent their finest equipment and crews to Langley AFB in Virginia to take part in an inaugural exercise, dubbed simply “Trilateral Exercise,” alongside the 1st Fighter Wing’s F-22 Raptors. This international air combat force will focus on integrated training for taking on…

It Was A Majestic McLaren And A Rowdy Raptor Kind Of Day

One of my objectives in life is to binge-watch as many shows as humanly possible. The other is to find places where I am surrounded by beautiful vehicles. Such a place could be a dealership, a showroom or just a plain ol’ parking lot - the only criteria is that there must be at least one awesome car somewhere in the…

Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right

As if they suddenly came to an epiphany, the United States Air Force brass is now admitting what many of us have been screaming about for so long: We didn’t build nearly enough F-22s, and the F-35 cannot simply pick up the slack. So why aren’t those who pushed so hard to cancel the F-22 program being held accountable?