When Is It Time To Just Give Up On Your Daily Driver?

Personally, I'm not the kind of person who likes to get a lot of grief from his daily driver. I need it to be something I can depend on. I don't need to be screaming expletives at it when I turn the key. It could be the journalist in me, feeling the need to be ready to run and report breaking news, but I feel asking a… »10/07/12 4:30pm10/07/12 4:30pm

A Driverless Car Will Be The First Real Robot You'll Own

Nevada has already started licensing driverless cars. California is right behind them, albeit with a few more caveats (big off switches, etc). This is just the beginning, of course. Driverless cars are absolutely coming, and in many ways this is the biggest advancement in motoring since the cupholder and 8-track… »9/26/12 2:00pm9/26/12 2:00pm

Why Texas' Insanely Fast 85 MPH Speed Limit Isn't A Big Deal

I shift into fifth gear and hit 70 mph as I merge onto the State Highway 130 toll road east of Austin. The speed limit on this road is 80 mph, so that's where I stop accelerating until a Chevy Tahoe packed with children passes me in the left lane, probably doing around 90. Then I decide to push the accelerator a bit… »9/09/12 12:00pm9/09/12 12:00pm

Why It's Great We Send Robots To Mars And Why People Should Follow

While I was live-blogging the spectacular landing of Curiosity on Mars last night, I knew in the back of my head at some point there would be a particular comment posted. It's a comment that gets posted any time there's an article about space exploration anywhere. It may be trolling, but it's consistent and common… »8/06/12 3:30pm8/06/12 3:30pm