Is The Lack Of A 2016 Baby Jesus Christmas Edition Silverado More Evidence Of A War On Christmas?

Like most of you, I’m not sure Christmas is still a holiday that even gets celebrated in America! I tend to get most of my information from disposable coffee cups, and those seem to suggest an outright hostility to the holiday, what with all their color and all. And now I find that General Motors has no plans for a… »11/09/15 3:42pm11/09/15 3:42pm

What If The Best Cars To Drive Have Already Been Made?

A good percentage of my job is understanding the role nostalgia plays in the automotive preferences of readers while analyzing and embracing my own biases. Through this process, I’ve noticed that not only are good new driver’s cars increasingly few and far in between, I fear the best examples of automotive perfection… »11/03/15 6:00pm11/03/15 6:00pm

Why Austin Is The Perfect Place For Motorsports

Every time there’s a major race in Austin, someone always questions why. Why are we going here? Why didn’t we go somewhere else that lives and breathes motorsport instead? Thus, I feel somewhat compelled to stand up for this place and say nah, we’re awesome, and you’re nuts if you haven’t been here. »10/23/15 1:59pm10/23/15 1:59pm

If Presidential Candidates Were Cars

The political landscape is gearing up to be the most important it’s ever been, just like it does every four years - but for realsies this time. That’s why I think I should answer the most pressing question of the election season - if the presidential candidates were anthropomorphized automobiles, what would they be? »10/22/15 4:11pm10/22/15 4:11pm

This Crash Wasn't The Rider's Fault And Road Vigilantism Is Never Justified

I tried to stay out of all of the conversation about that now-infamous crash where a car swerved and hit two people on a motorcycle. I followed along as the comments climbed north of 4,000 between the initial post and news of the driver’s arrest. But this thing just keeps nagging at me. »10/21/15 12:06pm10/21/15 12:06pm

Why We All Owe Stance Culture A Huge Apology

Most automotive journalists are convinced that their opinion carries weight, and they’re right—but only if they influence the thoughts of their readers effectively. That’s why when it comes to the polarizing counter-cultural scene known as stance, I’m actively seeking the naysayers, conscientious objectors and haters… »10/16/15 1:18pm10/16/15 1:18pm

Formula One Double-Booked Le Mans Weekend With New Race In Garbage Dictatorship

Was the 2016 Formula One calendar specifically set up to spite the World Endurance Championship, or do the different FIA championships totally neglect to talk to each other? Either way, it’ll be hard to see many F1 crossover drives next year in WEC, as six of its nine races conflict with F1 dates. Ugh. Why?
»10/14/15 2:13pm10/14/15 2:13pm

That Buzzfeed Article About Autonomous Cars Is Stupid Trolling Bullshit And Here's Why

A couple of days ago, a Buzzfeed writer got a ride in one of Google’s autonomous koala-cars and got an erection so powerful that it drew enough blood from his brain to cause him to have a mild stroke that turned him into some sort of inane troll. At least, that’s the only theory that makes sense. »10/02/15 6:40pm10/02/15 6:40pm

Brand Loyalty Is for Suckers

Every year, when a new tech product is announced, the world divides into two kinds of people: people who line up to buy the New Shiny Thing, and people who rant about how New Shiny Thing sucks. Both of those groups of people are chumps. Loyalty to a brand—whether it’s love or hatred—is a poison that makes you stupid. »10/01/15 11:53am10/01/15 11:53am

Here's Why Car TV Shows Suck If You Love Cars

I’m a fairly car-obsessed 20-something. When I’m not researching ways to fix my own cars, I’m watching videos about cars. I’m no stranger to a shop and I find fart humor quite refreshing, pardon the pun. I’m exactly the demographic that networks want when they launch new car shows. Why, then, do I think they all suck? »9/10/15 2:55pm9/10/15 2:55pm

This Acura Ad Is So Crammed Full Of Horseshit I Can't Even

You’d think some summer-blowout ad for the Acura TLX would be the usual, ignorable car-on-winding-road-with-VO boringness we’ve all grown the special ability to tune out. Acura has cleverly combated this by making their ads so full of subtly inane horseshit that it forces you to pay attention. To the stupid. »9/02/15 10:12am9/02/15 10:12am