Sand Dune Ramping Gone Hilariously Wrong

From the screen capture, you'd think this is a standard "Hoons misjudge sand dune jump and stuff truck on the other side" deal. Well, you'd be partially right. The actual moronitude of this short but solid gold clip is far funnier than that. Congratulations sirs, you have secured todays Hoon of the Day, though your… » 5/02/08 12:40pm 5/02/08 12:40pm

Guns and Ramping, Can Life Get Better?

We really like these guys, they know how to start off a video - couple of reports from a camouflaged pump action shot gun and you've got our attention. They seem to have stumbled into a junkyard with a copious supply of perfectly drivable, and yet totally disposable cars. Take that set up, add the sketchiest looking… » 2/29/08 5:45pm 2/29/08 5:45pm