Rapid Fire Louie Like Rambo Got Bullets: Team First Blood Prepares To Rescue Forgotten POWS In Toledo

Get ready for another 24 Hours of LeMons weekend, folks, because the Detroit(ish) race »9/11/08 12:40pm9/11/08 12:40pm is coming up this Saturday! The Toledo race may be the most punishing of all the LeMons events, because it's the only one that literally runs for . Last year's Detroit People's Choice winners- who work as designers for The General…

Oil Rich Shieks Rejoice: Lamborghini to Build LM002 Successor!

My most vivid LA Auto Show memory happened when I was about ten-years-old. Pops and I walked from one of the Convention Center's main rooms and into the ante-room which housed such automotive misfits as the Vector W8. It was in this tent room that I first laid eyes upon the Italian glory that was; the LM002. AKA… »11/28/06 6:21am11/28/06 6:21am