George Romney's Personal Rambler Classic Is For Sale

I have an unexplained soft spot for American Motors. Perhaps it’s the underdog thing or just that they dared to be different for different’s sake. Maybe it's because they teamed up with Renault in their later years to make things that looked good on paper yet were terrible in reality. Whatever the case, if I had the… » 2/17/13 12:00pm 2/17/13 12:00pm

For $2,000, Be A Rambler-in Man (Or Woman)

Detroit is the most American of car shows, but one American car company that sadly won't be there is American Motors. To make up for that, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe AMC Rambler has plenty to show, but will its price make you want to ramble on? » 1/15/13 8:00am 1/15/13 8:00am

How To Make An X-Acto Knife Handle Out Of A Rambler Six Pushrod

Cars, even cars that no longer work, are still massive collections of interesting, well-engineered mechanisms. They're like massive collections of great parts just waiting to be used. And that's exactly what Tom Jennings did when he needed an X-Acto blade handle. » 3/16/12 2:30pm 3/16/12 2:30pm

Rare and original 1947 Hudson truck for sale on Ebay

Although it's generally accepted the Ranchero was the first of the car/trucks, Hudson produced a more utility based truck using the front sheet metal from their cars in the late 1940s. The result was a unique mixture of car and truck that predated the Ranchero by 11 years. This very original example of a rare Hudson… » 9/25/11 12:30pm 9/25/11 12:30pm

Celebrating 450 Old Vehicles Down On The Alameda Street: The Non-Big 3 …

We're actually up to 482 Alameda street-parked classics in this series, but I'm still working on chronicling the 450-machine milestone. The Server Hamsters resist in all their maddened rodential fury, but we press on! » 7/11/09 10:30am 7/11/09 10:30am

PCH, 57 Varieties Of Hell Edition: Two 1957 Cadillacs or 1957…

Welcome to Project Car Hell » 9/08/08 5:20pm 9/08/08 5:20pm, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Last time around, the '69 AMC SC/Rambler grabbed a photo-finish 51-49 win over the '70 Chrysler 300 Hurst in the We're going to stick with good ol' American machinery today, but instead of…

The Ten Crappiest Cars Of The 2008 Monterey Auctions

The Pebble Beach Concours is always a spectacle of the well-heeled celebrating the well-known in the fancy-pants car show circuit. To go along with the car show wine is the cheese, also known as the Monterey Auctions, put on every year by the house of RM Auctions. There are always hit lists of the most desirable… » 8/11/08 4:00pm 8/11/08 4:00pm

PCH, Red, White, And Blue Flames Edition: Austin America Or Rambler…

For the first time, a single car part beat an entire car in a Project Car Hell matchup, according to the results of our most recent Choose Your Eternity poll. Today we're going to celebrate the Fourth of July, but not by getting all liquored up and firing large-caliber handguns into the sky. No, we're going to… » 7/04/08 5:20pm 7/04/08 5:20pm

This American's Rambling Days Are Over

Remember that Rambler engine block that was so much fun to identify last week? That wasn't the only shot I got of the Crusher-bound '64 Rambler American; in fact, that wrecking yard currently has two Ramblers (in the Ford section). This one still has plenty of good pieces (well, it had them last week, when I took these … » 6/10/08 6:20pm 6/10/08 6:20pm

Shopping For An Argentine Rambler? Renault Torino Available In…

We love weird South American versions of North American cars, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a car with a more complicated family tree than the Renault Torino. Conceived as the result of AMC-Renault cooperation, based on the '65 Rambler American Rogue, with body redesign by Pininfarina and power by Kaiser, the… » 5/19/08 8:00am 5/19/08 8:00am

Ferrambo Wins 2008 Ridler Award At Detroit Autorama

After the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, we needed a little recoup time, but yesterday we were back on the beat at the 2008 Detroit Autorama. We're just going to lay the smack down right away, the winner of the 2008 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award was a car we saw last year in the building stages - a Ferrari-engined Nash… » 3/10/08 7:30am 3/10/08 7:30am