Extreme Mopar Off-Road Rams, Jeeps Justify Chrysler's Existence

Chrysler's Mopar division went hog-wild on new off-roading rigs for the 44th Easter Jeep Safari. There's a quartet of Wranglers, the bitchin' Nukizer concept, a high-clearance Powerwagon and the Raptor-like Ram Runner. Glad to see someone at ChryCo's still kicking. » 3/31/10 4:30pm 3/31/10 4:30pm

Mopar Planning Ram Tough Raptor-Fighting Concept

In addition to the rock-crawling Mopar Ram Power Wagon, Dodge will apparently bring another surprise to the Easter Jeep Safari: a Raptor-fighting prerunner concept built off the KORE Performance Ram 1500 half-ton. Our question? Will they build it? [PickupTrucks.com] » 3/16/10 10:00am 3/16/10 10:00am

Hey, Look, Chrysler Will Be Building Some New Cars, Trucks. Who Knew?

A leaked document obtained by the Mopar-loving forumites at Allpar provides purported production dates and details for every new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram product including the Ram Hybrid, a possible Sebring name change and info on the Fiat 500. » 3/03/10 1:30pm 3/03/10 1:30pm

Chrysler Tries To Kill Us Again, This Time With A Ram Pickup

At last year's Detroit Auto Show a falling Pentastar nearly decapitated us. Now, with help from their Italian overlords, Chrysler's developed a more successful threat; another post like this and they're dropping a Ram on our tiny, fleshy heads. » 1/11/10 10:10am 1/11/10 10:10am