I don't want your stupid pickup. I want a goddamn van.

It turns out, pickup trucks are about as useful for hauling cargo as a three-legged mule. You know what is useful? A van. A big, honkin', European utility van. I've covered 1,600 miles in six days, loaded four different motorcycles, a transmission, and a transfer case in this thing. It's clever. It's built to work.… » 3/31/14 11:59am 3/31/14 11:59am

Slight Chance Of Blazing Speed For Man In Ram Van Leads To Recall

You there! You, the converted professional non-van ram man who bought a Ram Promaster to become a pro-Promaster Ram van pro master-man, may have a slight issue on your hands. Your gas pedal might stick, leading to unintended acceleration, which will lead to a crash, which will lead to fiery death. Oops. » 2/09/14 2:35pm 2/09/14 2:35pm