Motor Mystery Monday: Why Did Lee Iacocca Hate The VW Thing?

I’ve always wondered why VW only sold their rugged, Beetle-based fun car, the Thing, in the US for only two years, 1973 and 1974. The car remained in production and for sale elsewhere until 1980, and while it was always a quirky, somewhat overpriced oddball, it was gaining a following. Also, Lee Iacocca seems to have… »5/04/15 10:05pm5/04/15 10:05pm


The Oldest 24 Hours Of LeMons Car Yet: UDMan's 1963 Corvair

While Team Unsafe At Any Speed »11/14/08 4:00pm11/14/08 4:00pm will be to the next month- thus snarfing the coveted Ralph Nader theme- they'll only be the record for Oldest LeMons Car Ever, since was also a '65. Not only that, their car is safe at speeds, because by '65 the Corvair had a Communist-mandated IRS rear instead of the patriotic…

Nader? I Don't Even Know Her!: Corvair-Loving Iowan Must Give up "F Nader"

Our tabloid-y bretheren at Sploid bring us the story of a Corvair-loving Iowan who's been muzzled by the man. It seems the "F Nader" plate on one of his beloved whippities has tapped a wellspring of righteous indignation in one of his fellow motorists, who wonders how to explain the plate to his kids (their… »6/02/06 12:00pm6/02/06 12:00pm