Ralph Lauren Barely Visits His Enormous Car Palace And That's Okay

Ralph Lauren's car collection is very nearly perfect. It holds gems like the 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK "Comte Trossi" (pictured here), a 1955 Jaguar XKD, a McLaren F1 LM, and a Ruf CTR3. So when a lawsuit divulged that he only spends 30 hours a year in his garage, I was weirdly cool with that. » 1/30/15 10:05pm 1/30/15 10:05pm

Hiding Behind The Bamboo Was Ralph Lauren's Fast Ride To Como

Guests usually park in the underground garage at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. With his Ruf CTR 3, later show winner Ralph Lauren didn't. » 7/01/13 2:10pm 7/01/13 2:10pm

Why Ralph Lauren's $40+ Million Bugatti Is Worth Every Penny

There are only two Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantics in the world. The one from 1936 changed hands for $40 million three years ago, while the 1938 example belonging to Ralph Lauren's collection just won the Concorso d'Eleganze Villa d'Este. This is what the fuss is all about. » 6/04/13 4:30pm 6/04/13 4:30pm

Ralph Lauren's $40 Mil Bugatti Wins World's Most Prestigious Car Show

We saw so many fantastic cars at this year's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este that it's impossible to say which was our favorite. Until we figure that out, here's the result of the most prestigious competition of them all from the beautiful banks of Lake Como. » 5/28/13 1:30pm 5/28/13 1:30pm

How to install a $5 million Bugatti

By now you should be familiar with fashion mogul Ralph Lauren's classic car collection, which includes the rarest and most beautiful cars ever built and has been on a traveling show around the world. But how do you install a car in a museum? » 6/13/11 9:30am 6/13/11 9:30am

Hear 17 cars from Ralph Lauren's awe-inspiring collection

If you can't make the Paris showing of 17 classic vehicles from designer Ralph Lauren's collection for the typical reasons — busy summer polo schedule, breaking in a new yacht captain, etc., etc. — you can at least hear them. » 5/09/11 9:30am 5/09/11 9:30am

One magic moment with a Ralph Lauren car

On an April evening four years ago I wandered into an underground parking garage and happened upon the Mercedes–Benz pictured above: one of Ralph Lauren’s cars to be exhibited in Paris this coming summer. » 3/09/11 2:10pm 3/09/11 2:10pm

Ralph Lauren to exhibit part of car collection for first time

Some of the most precious gems in famed fashion designer Ralph Lauren's incredible car collection will be exhibited for the the first time ever in Paris this spring. » 2/25/11 9:30am 2/25/11 9:30am