Gumball 3000 So Ronery, Still Planning Run To North Korea In 2008

According to GTSpirit, the forum all about the road rally, the Gumball 3000 is still planning on making a run into the heart of Communist North Korea for the 2008 running of the sticky balls of gum. If you'll remember we reported they were looking to take a jaunt through Korea back in June, but we really believed… »9/03/07 10:30pm9/03/07 10:30pm

Gumball 3000 Announces New York To Tokyo Rally For 2008, Bonus Stopover In North Korea!

It's upward and onward for Maximillion Cooper, the Founder and CEO of "The Gumball 3000 Group." He's got the spin going strong, as he describes his game plan for next year's Gumball rally. His press release (we've got the whole thing below the jump) claims an eight-day 3000-mile route »6/07/07 3:00pm6/07/07 3:00pm

The release also goes heavy on…