How To Turn A Porsche 911 Into A Rally Car

What does it take to make a Porsche 911SC into a rally car, capable of running the East African Safari rally? Not much, apparently. All it took was some rear-suspension upgrades, extra body protection, additional front lights and a Martini livery. » 7/09/14 10:35am 7/09/14 10:35am

This Hungarian Rally Jump Seems To Be Designed To Flip Cars

Seriously, this thing is actually cruel. It sure is fun watching those Trabants give it a go, though. And how about that badass Metro/Suzuki right at about the two minute mark? » 6/27/14 4:15pm 6/27/14 4:15pm

Watch This Seat Leon Race Car Get Dropped Like A Hot Turd

Oh man. Some poor bastard's probably been fired over this by now. Especially since it looks like a simple length of chain could have prevented all this from happening. That's a Seat Leon Cupra race car, and it's been dropped about two or so stories. Oops. » 6/10/14 10:00pm 6/10/14 10:00pm

Get Some, Hyundai Rally Car

[Pictured: The Hyundai i20 World Rally Car will make its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 26-29 with Spanish star Dani Sordo behind the wheel. Photo credit Hyundai.] » 5/15/14 11:00pm 5/15/14 11:00pm

I Want To Hoon Everything In The Secret Toyota Rally Garage

Back in the 1980s and 90s, Toyota was a formidable force in the world of rallying, with all sorts of Celicas and Corollas flying across the dirt like it was nobody's business. That's not the case as much anymore, but a number of those legendary cars have been preserved for posterity in Europe. » 4/29/14 1:10pm 4/29/14 1:10pm

From The Archive: Monte Carlo Rally 1976

The Lancia Stratos of Italians Sandro Munari and Mario Manucci during the 44th Monte Carlo Rally in Monaco, on Jan. 21, 1976. Munari and Manucci went onto win the Rally. (AP Photo) » 4/26/14 3:29pm 4/26/14 3:29pm

Video: Record Jump Attempt Ends In Terrifying Crash

French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit's goal was to beat Tanner Foust's 2011 record 100 meter jump in a car. But a practice session for the jump did not end well this morning. » 3/18/14 1:25pm 3/18/14 1:25pm

What Would Be The Most Inappropriate But Awesome Rally Car?

I recently have developed this sickness where I want to put rally lights on all kinds of cars. I'd love to get TDI Sportwagen and throw some HELLAs on that piece. So today's rally theme got me thinking....what would be the most inappropriate but awesome rally car? » 1/01/14 10:34am 1/01/14 10:34am

Stop What You're Doing And Listen To 10 Minutes Of Vintage Rally Cars

What are you doing right now? Toiling away at some menial, pointless task at work? Getting talked down to by your boss? Listening to yet another lecture from your parents? You need a break. Tune it all out for just 10 minutes in the best possible way: old rally cars. » 10/17/13 2:47pm 10/17/13 2:47pm

Nissan Volunteers Will Restore This Badass 240Z Rally Car

In 1971, the Nissan 240Z dominated the East African Safari Rally, powering its way across the harsh desert to a first and second place win. The original Z would pull off another win in 1973. Now, thanks to the efforts of some volunteers at Nissan, one of those cars will be restored to its former glory. » 9/14/13 2:00pm 9/14/13 2:00pm

Climb Dance Remains An Exhilarating Piece Of Rally Porn

Let's jump back in time for a moment. It's 1988, and rally champion Ari Vatanen is taking on the Pikes Peak Hillclimb in a Peugeot 405 T16 GR. » 5/16/13 2:36pm 5/16/13 2:36pm

Nearly 10 Minutes Of Citroën DS3 Rally Hoonage Is A Great Way To Spend…

Happy Easter, Jalops! If you've got about 10 minutes to kill while you're waiting for the kids to finish their egg hunts, getting ready for church or just trying to ease that hangover from last night, why not indulge in some rallying goodness? » 3/31/13 11:08am 3/31/13 11:08am

Watch WRC Driver Mads Ostberg Set A Snow Jump Record In His Rally Car

While the rest of us have been glued to our various terrible livestreams trying to watch the 12 Hours of Sebring, World Rally Championship driver Mads Østberg had something different in mind for his Saturday: attempting to set a new world record for the longest jump on snow in a rally car. » 3/16/13 3:56pm 3/16/13 3:56pm

Peugeot's New Rally Car Is Dirty And French

After the shakedown in December, Peugeot continued the testing of its newest rally car, the 208 Type R5. During a four-day session, Peugeot Rally Academy driver Craig Breen had the opportunity to develop the car after Bryan Bouffier had his fun last month. » 1/28/13 3:40pm 1/28/13 3:40pm

Scion's New Rally Car Looks Pretty French

After getting dirty last year, Scion decided to start its second full rally season with a brand new xD in the Rally America National Championship. » 1/23/13 3:40pm 1/23/13 3:40pm

This Is Subaru Rally Team USA's New Stripped Down Look

Subaru Rally Team USA decided to strip the traditional blue and yellow livery from David Higgins' STI at this weekend's Olympus rally in Olympia, Wash. They were going for raw, and went for plain white and bare carbon fiber in place of the flashier colors the team usually uses. » 9/24/12 9:30am 9/24/12 9:30am

Is This The Hottest Woman Ever To Ride In A Rally Car?

For legal reasons, we can't tell you the name of the supermodel you see auditioning to be a navigator for our friend Skiny. But, we can tell you that we're pretty jealous he got to get take her for a ride. Skiny's the host of an upcoming show called The Gentleman's Guide to Racing. » 5/16/12 2:30pm 5/16/12 2:30pm