Austin's Formula One Circuit Was Underwater Today

Austin-area residents living near Circuit of the Americas awoke to tornado warnings this morning. If you thought it was bad last weekend and openly wondered, “How much worse can it get?,” congratulations: we’re all blaming you. COTA was so inundated with storm water that parts of it flooded today. »10/30/15 9:30pm10/30/15 9:30pm


The Texas Mile Ran In The Dark To Avoid Torrential Rains

The Texas Mile is a speed demon’s paradise, where standing mile races are held to answer one question: how fast can you go? And what’s more demonic than speeding through the night? Facing similar conditions to Austin’s Formula One race last weekend, The Texas Mile opted to run when it was dry—in the dark.
»10/29/15 9:30pm10/29/15 9:30pm

Soggy Austin Formula One Race Was 'Financially Devastating' For Organizers: Reports

Between getting hit with torrential downpours and Formula One’s decision to host the Mexican Grand Prix only a week later, Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein told the Austin-American Statesman that the United States Grand Prix was “a financially devastating weekend for the company.” Ouch. »10/29/15 4:15pm10/29/15 4:15pm

Rooster Tails From Formula One Cars Are Awesome

If there’s one thing I love about race cars running in the rain, it’s the entire spectacle of it. There’s always the chaos of running in unpredictable, ever-changing conditions, but rarely do your eyeballs experience anything cooler than the massive rooster tails of water that get thrown up by the cars.
»10/25/15 10:00am10/25/15 10:00am

True Fans Don't Grab An Umbrella, They Grab A Battle Flag

This pair of Mercedes Formula One fans didn’t care about the insane rain storm that flooded out and postponed Free Practice 2 at Circuit of the Americas indefinitely, nor did they care that half the fencing on the bridge behind them had blown over. They flew that Mercedes flag all the way back. »10/24/15 2:19pm10/24/15 2:19pm

Expect Austin's Formula One Grand Prix To Be Very, Very Wet

Formula One fans, I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news: if you’re coming to Austin for the United States Grand Prix, you better pack a poncho and take your best muddin’ vehicle to the track. Good news: rain is delicious chaos, and we may finally see wet F1 racing on Circuit of the Americas.
»10/21/15 6:05pm10/21/15 6:05pm

200 Cars Trapped in a California Mudslide Are a Preview for This Winter's El Niño

Hundreds of cars were stranded when a mudslide swamped a Southern California freeway last night in what felt like a chilling dress rehearsal for the El Niño on the way. The mudslide is a reminder that it’s not just heavy rain we need to worry about—heavy rain falling on the state’s parched ground will bring disaster. »10/16/15 9:10pm10/16/15 9:10pm

Synchronized Spinning Is My New Favorite Wet Weather Motorsport

If you missed the very start of the 6 Hours of Fuji, you didn’t miss much. It was so wet that they left the cars to circulate behind the safety car for about forty minutes. If you missed any part afterwards, you’re missing pure, unadulterated wet weather insanity. Marvel, for example, at this graceful twin pirouette.
»10/11/15 12:30am10/11/15 12:30am

Why Taylor Swift Is A Better Spokesmodel For Wet 'N' Wild Than IndyCar

No, no. Not because Wet ‘N’ Wild makes nail polish on the cheap and Swift’s a fancy lady. Look at the track conditions at Belle Isle. Clearly, an opportunity to co-brand (read = “get more dinero”) this car was lost. Not only did Tony Kanaan wipe out in his Taylor Swiftmobile, but three other cars wiped out with him.
»5/30/15 5:29pm5/30/15 5:29pm

Patrick Dempsey Isn't Done With Rain After Leaving Grey's Anatomy

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is wet and cold this weekend, but that’s not stopping the World Endurance Championship from racing. Here’s one of Patrick Dempsey’s laps in the Dempsey-Proton Racing Porsche 911 RSR, complete with cars kicking up blindingly huge crazy rooster tails of spray. »5/01/15 7:00pm5/01/15 7:00pm

Corner Worker Of The Year Pushes Race Car Back Onto Track

IndyCar's Grand Prix of Louisiana was so wet this weekend that qualifying was cut short, a practice session this morning was cancelled and the race itself was bumped up fifteen minutes to avoid more storms. Naturally, folks got stuck. One true hero decided to help Gabby Chaves out of the mud on his own. »4/12/15 7:11pm4/12/15 7:11pm

Crappy Weather Rains Out IndyCar Qualifying; Moves Today's Race

NOLA Motorsports Park was so wet yesterday for qualifying that the IndyCar Grand Prix of Louisiana grid will be set by drivers' season points. Qualifying couldn't continue because of heavy rain, and now the race has been moved up in anticipation of more lousy weather moving through tomorrow. Yecch. »4/12/15 9:16am4/12/15 9:16am