Chicago Auto Show: BMW to Return to Racing in 2009, Bringing M3

Hot on the heels of the 2008 BMW M3 release, those rascally Germans have developed a racing variant to further develop the incredible tech already present in the stock automobile. In 2009 BMW will return to racing with team Rahal Letterman Racing in the American Lemans Series. We'll be bringing more details and pics »2/06/08 4:25pm2/06/08 4:25pm


Six Rahal-Letterman Cars Entered at Indy, Six Degrees of Separation

One afternoon, nearly six years ago, at a backyard barbecue in Benicia, we got involved in a game of six-degrees one-upmanship. A girl was winding her way through some convoluted explanation of something or other when our friend simply says, "Well, we know Joe Strummer, and he knows Letterman, and Letterman knows … »3/24/06 3:41pm3/24/06 3:41pm