Why Everyone Is Going Nuts Over A New Ford GT: An Explainer

If you’re unfamiliar with Ford’s history at Le Mans, you may be wondering why we care so much about a new Ford GT. We don’t soil ourselves over any other GTE-class racers, so why does this one matter? Sure, the top P1 class is nice, but GTE puts Ford directly up against their extremely bitter old rival: Ferrari.


How This Early Form Of Motorcycle Racing Died A Fast Death

Racing is inherently dangerous, and that danger presents itself each time a vehicle rolls onto a track. Racing communities, in turn, continually make calls for safer conditions. But motorsport was far more risky in the days of wooden tracks and “murderdome” racing without brakes, and that didn’t last long at all.

How ‘Soft Walls’ Save Lives And Cause Controversy At Race Tracks

Racing has never been a truly safe endeavor, but people behind the sport have learned how to improve it over the years. And while there have been plenty of safety improvements within race cars, like multi-point seat belts and devices for neck protection, some of that focus needed to be outside of vehicles as well.

From Hosts Of Racing To Ghosts Of Racing: How These Famous Tracks Fell Into Despair

Racing has never been a cheap endeavor, and that goes for the venues that host racing as well. One day a race track can be home to cars thundering down the asphalt before thousands of cheering fans, only to turn into an abandoned, weedy eyesore when their fortunes change for the worse. These are the stories of some of…