Uh-Oh, Formula One Is Resorting To Baylor's Old Attendance Tricks

Before Baylor’s latest massive athletics scandal, the university’s football team sucked on a different level: they couldn’t win games—at least until RGIII showed up and made them respectable. They couldn’t give tickets away when I went there, so they covered up the unused endzone seating with a giant tarp. Uh, hey,…


Drivers Replace Fist Fighting With Car Fighting At Certifiably Insane NASCAR Track

The phrase “short tracks, short tempers” is a classic in racing, and there isn’t a more perfect example of than a recent incident from Bowman Gray Stadium—a wreck for the lead, retaliation under caution, and a grand finale of two cars smacking each other in the infield. This, everyone, is as authentic as it gets.

Lewis Hamilton Tells Esteban Gutiérrez That He's Number One With A Finger

There are a few ways that Formula One can inform a driver that there’s faster traffic behind him. One is with the traditional blue flag thrown by trackside marshals. Another, more desperate but more entertaining method, is for the overtaking driver to flip the bird as he blows by the slower car. Let’s watch!

This Year's Fastest Run Up Pikes Peak Will Rattle You To Your Very Core

What’s the best way to follow up winning the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans? Winning the 100th anniversary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is pretty far up the list. That’s what Porsche 919 driver Romain Dumas did a week after Le Mans, and his bone-shakingly rough PPIHC onboard video is simply unreal.

We Deserve Awesome In-Car Commentary If Jeff Gordon Drives Dale Jr.'s Car

Did you miss Jeff Gordon’s farewell tour last year before he retired from driving in NASCAR? Well Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!, July 24, you may get your chance to see Fox Sports’ star commentator back the car. Either way, he better deliver the goods on his in-car commentary, given his new post-retirement gig.


The Kind Of Victory Celebration That Will Make A Driver Not Want To Win

Driving a race car is a dangerous activity, which is why celebrations in victory lane should be enjoyable and not the stuff of your worst nightmares. Right? No, not right. There are race tracks out there that make winning drivers pose for photos with live bears, rattlesnakes and other dangerous animals—oh my!