New Speed Racer Trailer Shows Regenerating Tires And Speed As A Kid

Here we have the latest trailer for the live-action Speed Racer movie. It drops some backstory and provides our first insight into what made Speed Racer a demon on wheels. We're still not that impressed by the Wachowski brothers' extravaganza, based on these early looks. However, there's definitely some kinda cool… »3/13/08 1:45pm3/13/08 1:45pm

Speed Racer Goes International In New Trailers For the Non-'Merican Scene

So crap about the Wachowski Bros. new proto-anime-animation colored in Superman ice cream notwithstanding, the two new trailers revealed this weekend for Speed Racer are finally giving us auto-lovers a real live Racergasm. Some of the new driving sequences, although fantastically fantastic n' fake looking, are even… »3/09/08 5:44pm3/09/08 5:44pm

Speed Racer Trailer, Prepare to Trip Balls in Higher Definition

While the trailer for the new Speed Racer movie above certainly isn't in high-def, it's at least of a higher quality than what we and other sites have tried to peddle as "teh sweet." As we're sure you're already aware, it's been more like "teh suck." But at least this time you'll actually be able to tell the… »12/18/07 12:15am12/18/07 12:15am