Update: Local Decision On Lime Rock Park's Future Postponed Until November 16

Last month, Lime Rock Park filed a motion with the Litchfield Superior Court asking for more reasonable usage restrictions. As a result, a local zoning commission is trying to take control of the facility away from the state and the courts. That zoning decision will not happen this week.
»10/21/15 8:25pm10/21/15 8:25pm


The Absurd Community Fight That Could Cripple One Of America's Best Race Tracks

Most race weekends end on Sunday, making events at Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park somewhat of an anomaly. Currently, they are prohibited from racing on Sundays at all. However, upon petitioning to amend this, the local community fired back by demanding that they take over the regulation of Lime Rock’s activities.
»10/15/15 7:12pm10/15/15 7:12pm

This Ad For The Brickyard 400 Is The Greatest NASCAR Ad Of All Time

One of the great joys in life is getting to see evidence that someone has gone irretrievably, delightfully insane. Or, in this case, mensane, as in insane from over-saturation in insane men musk, which the Brickyard seems to be laden with. The mensanity evidence is all in this ad for Indianapolis Motor Speedway. »7/22/14 1:09pm7/22/14 1:09pm