The Ten Prettiest Racetracks In The World

A great layout for a race track isn't the only thing that makes it excellent. Sometimes, the surrounding scenery and environment are just as important in giving the track its character. These 10 tracks are breathtakingly beautiful to drive, and even more gorgeous to behold. » 11/08/13 10:58am 11/08/13 10:58am

This Is A House Built Over America's Most Famous Corner

The brief for my latest assignment at uni (3rd Year at Victoria University’s School of Architecture, Wellington, New Zealand) was very open – design a ‘Big Ass House.’ I imagined a client with unlimited funds that wanted the biggest, craziest house they could get. And here it is, The Corkscrew House. » 7/11/13 2:30pm 7/11/13 2:30pm