Anyone Want To Do A Group Buy? There's A Racetrack For Sale!

Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina, is up for sale. If you've ever wanted to own a road course and karting track, now is the time to do it. » 10/21/14 6:33pm 10/21/14 6:33pm

Who said you can't race track a BMW i3?

You don't get to see many BMW i3s on a race track so coming across a video showing the electric car tracking with other cars was bound for sharing. Only one other time we have seen the i3 on the track and that was Chris Neff paired up with Erin Crocker, Nascar driver, to race track the i3. » 9/25/14 4:39pm 9/25/14 4:39pm

The Twistiest Race Tracks In The World

Let's make it simple! If you're on a racetrack that's not a drag strip and you don't need to shift down to second while completing a lap, you're either in the car with the most torque on the planet, or you're on the wrong track. Corners make life better and keep tire companies alive. » 5/02/13 12:30pm 5/02/13 12:30pm

Watch A Nissan GT-R Experience Bird Strike At 140 MPH On The 'Ring

The eagle has landed ... on a race car's windshield on the Nurburgring. But that's what can happen when you're the one of the first guys on the track when it hasn't been used in a while. » 9/24/12 2:20pm 9/24/12 2:20pm

I Want To Go To There

Not 100% sure where this is, but lots of curves and elevation changes means it's what we're dreaming we'll see the next time we hit a racetrack for the first time. [via DvoSpeedShop] » 6/29/10 8:30am 6/29/10 8:30am