Build A BMW Z4 GT3 In Just Over Three Minutes

The BMW Z4 GT3's a $408,000, roll-caged, carbon-fibered, 4.0-liter V8-powered, six-speed sequential shifted track-day all-star. It also comes shipped in boxes. Watch Team West Coast Racing put theirs together in this time-lapse video compressing 600 hours of labor. [ColdTrackDays] » 9/10/10 2:00pm 9/10/10 2:00pm

Looking For a '65 Impala With Some History?

What would you pay for a NASCAR veteran '65 Impala, allegedly driven by Roy Mayne? Crazed modelmaker ParkRNDL tipped us about this car more than a week ago, but then our friends at Bring A Trailer discovered it. » 6/19/10 3:00pm 6/19/10 3:00pm

Artist Builds Amazing Vintage Racer From Cardboard And Hot Glue

Denny Hulme's 1969 Can-Am victory in a McLaren M8B was one of the high points of motorsport for enthusiast Bob Rubin, who commissioned artist Chris Gilmour to make this amazing full-scale M8 from cardboard and hot glue. » 6/17/10 2:30pm 6/17/10 2:30pm

The Mid-Engined, RWD Super Volvo S60

We were just saying something about needing the Focus RS500, we think — can't really remember because this 410HP, mid-engined, rear-wheel-driver Volvo S60 headed for the Belgian Touring Car Series wiped out our memory. Imagine if it where a wagon. » 4/02/10 2:00pm 4/02/10 2:00pm