Spy Photos: VW Thunderbunny for Reals?

Volkswagen showed off its "Thunderbunny" concept at the SEMA show last November, tempting crowds of hatchies with promises of post-R32 hareiness (ouch). Of course, now we know V-dub is introducing a new R32 in the US this year. So what of the bunny? According to VW blog UK MkIVs the Golf RS above was on display at a… » 3/20/07 11:49am 3/20/07 11:49am

Car Hack's Notebook: Covering the Essen Show, Day Two

Volkswagen Audi Group can feel a bit slighted not to be the first port of call on the Essen show, but even a four-wheel drive, 300 hp battle wagon can't make a huge impression in this company. Still, the Passat R36 is a serious piece of kit in its own right, and should be an enticing alternative for those who want… » 12/05/06 1:20pm 12/05/06 1:20pm