Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: Which Nissan Skyline?

As car legends go, few have had their flames as passionately fanned as the Nissan Skyline. Despite extensive research proving only seven Americans have seen one on the street, and four have actually driven the mythical machine, it's astounding how often its tale is told. We're reminded of a particular Jonathan Gold… » 7/10/07 12:00pm 7/10/07 12:00pm

Yes!: Volkswagen Rabbit R32 Coming to the US

Forget all you've heard about the US not getting the new Golf/Rabbit R32 factory tuner — or that some manner of "R36" was imminent — says AutoWeek. VW reportedly confirmed the R32 will hit these shores in 2007 a 2008 model. As we said of the European model, introduced at the Frankfurt show last year, "The 2006 R32's… » 6/20/06 10:24am 6/20/06 10:24am

Volkswagen R32 4Motion Goes on Sale in Europe in November, US Snubbed

While we've yet to get a line on when the 2006 VW Golf R32 4Motion will come to the US, at least we've heard it is coming, a prospect that was vague up until earlier this week. According to Autocar, The UK model will cost around 23,745 for the three-door, six-speed manual, which will likely translate into slightly… » 9/23/05 3:41pm 9/23/05 3:41pm