NASA to replace astronauts with GM-built humanoid robots

Astronauts, America's beloved cowboys, are pissed about the Obama Administration killing manned spaceflight programs. Sounds like the right time for GM to brag about its astronaut-replacing R2 space robot NASA's sending into space this year. Launching tone-deaf PR in five... » 4/14/10 9:40am 4/14/10 9:40am

More Japanese-Market Goodness: Subaru R2

In addition to barging into a Tokyo Toyota showroom and shooting the latest Century, the folks at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine proceeded to take their act down the street to the nearest Subaru dealership, where they got some nice photos of the new R2. Make the jump for more photos and Ben Hsu's description.

» 2/12/08 1:00pm 2/12/08 1:00pm

A Quartet Of Microcars

I was introduced to Jonee Eisen by a mutual friend at a flea market in Echo Park. "He's into cars, too." So, I asked, what sort of cars do you have? "A couple of Subarus and a DAF 66." I nearly choked. "A DAF!?!" The sky was falling. "Yeah, you know - the Dutch took the clutch." Yeah Jonee, I know. Sadly tragically for our… » 6/11/07 11:30am 6/11/07 11:30am