2010 24 Hours of Le Mans Wrap Up: Mayhem And Redemption

On Sunday afternoon, the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance challenge wrapped up for the 78th time. Barely half the field finished the race, which broke the distance record and produced high drama. WARNING: SPOILERS! » 6/14/10 9:00am 6/14/10 9:00am

Audi R15 Gets Sideways For 24 Hours Of Le Mans

As if you weren't already counting down the seconds until this weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans, Audi's released this teaser of pure R15 TDI porn complete with the #7 racer going slideways for the camera. Need time machine. [Audi.tv] » 6/10/10 10:30am 6/10/10 10:30am

Audi R15 TDI Plus Race Livery Tries To Hide Die Große Nase

"Hey, Udo." "Ja Joerg?" "Ze people haf been making fun of our beautiful Audi R15 TDI Plus, saying eet has zwei noses." "Zees ees true." "Maybe vee paint zem different colors so maybe she hides one." "Wunderbar!" [Fourtitude] » 4/06/10 8:30am 4/06/10 8:30am

Audi R15 TDI Plus Crashes Testing At Sebring

Audi wheeled its brand-spankin'-new R15 TDI Plus onto the Sebring track for real-world testing yesterday. Driver Mike Rockenfeller managed to back it into the tire wall at turn 17, making for a very bad day of data collection. [AutoHebdo (translated)] » 3/24/10 12:15pm 3/24/10 12:15pm

The Double-Nosed Audi R15 TDI Plus

Following protestations from Peugeot, Audi had to rework their R15 to align with new LeMans Prototype rules. The resulting car is this, the Audi R15 TDI Plus, a diesel-powered fug-monster of a race car. Here's hoping it's really, really fast. » 3/16/10 2:00pm 3/16/10 2:00pm

Drivers Get In Way Of Audi R15 TDI "Plus" Teaser

When Peugeot threw a hissy-fit and got the Audi R15 black-listed, ze Germans returned to the drawing board to make its car hissy-fit compliant. These driver glamor shots offer the first glimpse at the updated Audi R15 TDI "Plus." [Fourtitude] » 1/29/10 8:30am 1/29/10 8:30am

Forza Motorsports 3 Hot Holiday DLC Pack: What's Inside

If you're one of the million gamers laying virtual tracks in Forza Motorsports 3, the Hot Holiday DLC pack offers ten cars with a combined 5,649 HP. Below, discover why you'll want these bruisers in your virtual garage. » 12/08/09 2:30pm 12/08/09 2:30pm

24 Hours Of Le Mans 2009: Stunning Mega-Gallery

While Americans are reinventing endurance racing in a dadaist manner, Europeans are still doing their thing at Le Mans, 86 years after the first race. And it was Audi vs. Peugeot yet again. Warning: spoilers. » 6/16/09 8:30am 6/16/09 8:30am

12 Hours Of Sebring: Epic Audi And Peugeot Lead-Changing Battle

Those of you who watched Saturday's 12 Hours of Sebring race will surely agree this was the most exciting battle of the entire race. Diesel vs. diesel. Man vs. man. French vs. German. » 3/23/09 7:00am 3/23/09 7:00am

Audi R15 TDI Wins 12 Hours Of Sebring

Audi emerged victorious at the 12 Hours of Sebring tonight with their new R15 TDI racer piloted by Allan McNish, Dindo Capello and Tom Kristensen, taking the checkered flag 22.279 seconds ahead of Peugeot. » 3/21/09 11:19pm 3/21/09 11:19pm

58-Year-Old Hans-Joachim Stuck Returns To Race At 12 Hours of Sebring

A surprising revelation of endurance racing is the fact most drivers are far from being spring chickens. Here's a few examples. » 3/18/09 2:30pm 3/18/09 2:30pm

Audi R15 Kicks Ass at First Official Sebring Test

In preparation for Saturday’s 12 hour race, featuring 58-year-old Hans-Joachim Stuck in the GT2 class in a Porsche, Audi has put their new cars on the track, decimating the opposing Peugeots. » 3/17/09 12:30pm 3/17/09 12:30pm

Audi R15 Coming to Laguna Seca, Petit Le Mans

Company chairman Rupert Stadler has announced that in addition to Sebring on March 21, their new Audi R15 prototypes will also race in two more events in September and October. » 3/05/09 7:30am 3/05/09 7:30am

Audi R15 TDI Le Mans Racer Revealed Early

Those tricky folks at Autosport magazine have revealed the first small image of the Audi R15 TDI LMP1 racer, set to debut at this year's 12 Hours of Le Mans. » 2/11/09 3:40pm 2/11/09 3:40pm