The Fascists In Quebec Just Banned Your Hellaflush Car Yo

Those nogoodniks up in the frozen French north of Quebec just decided to ban your sweet, sweet hellaflush ride, all because stancing it out affects handling and maneuverability in a province with snow nine months out of the year. But we all know that really, it's just The Man trying to keeping you down. » 7/23/14 8:15pm 7/23/14 8:15pm

Freakin' French-Canadians: Auto Theft Rings in Quebec

First they spring Celine Dion on us, and now this bit of disturbing news out of Quebec. While here in the United States we have a 67% stolen-vehicle recovery rate, in Canada, it's a staggering 2%. And Canadian gangs of thieves are targeting American-registered vehicles, re-vinning them, and in many cases, selling the… » 7/17/06 5:00pm 7/17/06 5:00pm